Cultural heritage and architecture

Photo-realistically visualised 3d polygonal model

This type of documentation is created by adding textures on the base polygonal model and represents virtual reality of the object at the moment of scanning.

As textures, photos taken by a scanner camera during scanning or afterwards can be used.

Accuracy of texturing is high and is within scanning accuracy scope (1 cm).

This kind of model is suitable for:

  • Analysis of deformations on the object, as well as its overall condition.
  • Automatic inspection and monitoring of deformations and changes of object's shape by repeating scanning in certain time intervals.
  • Study of the object in terms of its origin, building stages, etc.
  • Object maintenance.
  • Creation of preservation and other studies.
  • Enables repeated texturing of the same model with photos from a different time period and by that early detection and analysis of potential problems, as well as their prevention.
  • It is used for production of digital orto-photo.